Estudi Textil Barcelona

The atelier and shop Estudi Textil opened at carrer Brosolí 1 on 1998, although it already existed as atelier in carrer Flassaders where it started in 1986, always at la Ribera (el Born), in Barcelona.

During all those years, all kind of textile artisanal projects have been created at the atelier and it translates to the quality, experience and technique applied to each piece.

The product is unique and all the materials and finishing touches are carefully considered and applied.

Handmade in Barcelona

The products are designed and handmade in Barcelona using a traditional technique and profession – high and lower loom warp – and quality materials, which can also be acquired at the shop: merino wool, mohair, alpaca, cottons, etc.

At the atelier and shop you can acquire directly, without intermediaries, a whole range of artisanal textile products, from clothing to accessories. Decorative and household linen pieces such as tapestries, also made on demand.

You can find the products mainly at the shop and at the artisanal fairs in carrer Argenteria some weekends and in Portal de l’Angel twice a year.

Tuesday to Saturday
11.00 – 14.00h / 17.00 – 20.30h


Artisanal fairs
Passeig Born: 29-30 June 2024
Portal de l’Angel: 13-26 May 2024


Handmade on demand.
Contact: at the shop
or via email.


Wools, cottons, silks,
linen and other


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